After the 8th of March, from Calala-Fondo de Mujeres we would like to encourage you to keep defending women’s rights and to help us raise funds for the women that transform the world everyday of the year through organizations such as Tamaia-Viure Sense Violència and the Feminist/LGBT/Queer documentation fund, La Fondona.

We want to renew our support to these organizations and other organizations that benefitted from our donations program in 2013, and we would like to extend it to one or two more groups, because of which we need to raise 4,000 euros in total.  Will you help us?  From 10, 20, 50, or 100 euros, every contribution adds to the support of the sustainability of the women’s movement.  Make your donation to the bank account with IBAN ES77 2100 3277 1022 0017 6934 or through our website.

Every euro counts to help support the sustainability of the women´s movement

Tamaia and La Fondona received our support in 2013 through the Donations Program to Women´s Organizations in  Spain, which distributed 9,100 euros among seven groups in the peninsula.

This year we will designate 10,000 euros to this Program, that will serve to support the women’s movement, which is facing the progressive cuts to rights and to financing: since 2008, the estimated funds for equality policies have been cut by 56% and this year the subsidies for social and women’s organizations have been reduced by half with respect to 2013.

The cooperative Tamaia-Viure Sense Violència has been dedicated to prevention, caregiving, and raising awareness in order to erradicate gender based violence for more than 20 years. In 2013, we supported them with a donation of 1,000 euros as part of a total donation of 5,000 euros, together with the Fondo de Mujeres del Mediterráneo.  Tamaia started its work when there were still no attention circuits nor specific laws against domestic violence and since then it has accompanied and aided more than 5,000 women to leave the cycle of violence from their partner or their family, with a pioneering comprehensive care model that places women as the protagonists at the center of their own process of recovery.  In addition to serving as professionals in caregiving, prevention, and raising awareness about gender based violence, Tamaia has advised both the Catalán and state governments in the declaration of laws, policies, and protocols to erradicate gender based violence.  Currently, the organization only counts on public grants for 41.02% of its budget to sustain itself, almost 20% less than five years ago, and 25% of it’s budget proceeds from donations and private support such as ours.  In 2013 Tamaia accompanied 93 women and carried out 808 individual, group, and telephonic care sessions.

La Fondona, Feminist/LGBTI/Queer documentation fund, was born in 2012 around the biblioteca popular Josep Pons (Josep Pons Popular Library) from the proyecto vecinal Can Batlló (Can Batlló neighborhood project), in the Sants neighborhood (Barcelona) with the objective of creating a bibliographic and documentary archive both in virtual and physical formats (in paper and audiovisual) that reference contents related to feminisms, sexuality, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Transexual and Bisexual) and queer theory, in order to spread knowledge and theory production with respect to these themes and to favor the reflection and social transformation toward gender equality.  In 2013 we donated 500 euros to La Fondona for the puchase of books, and they publicly presented their project with a talk on information, communication, and documentation with thee perspective of gender and a celebration at the beginning of November.

Turn your solidarity in facts: support the feminist projects that better the lives of everyone

In addition, from Calala we make a network with other feminist projects and with women who work daily to end gender inequality in all aspects of life: in 2013 we contributed 100 euros as an institutional friend of Pikara Magazine, an online magazine with the perspective of gender, that forms part of our network of solidarity businesses and projects. We also continue to be associated with Ca la Dona, the Catalan Feminist Space that has stimulated the gathering and relations between women and women’s groups since 1988, contributing an annual cuota of 120 euros in order to contribute to its sustainability.

Since 2010, Calala-Fondo de Mujeres has distributed almost 100,000 euros among women’s groups in the Spanish state, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  We are part of the movement that we support in order to better the lives of thousands of women and the communities where they intervene and we are integrated in the International  Network of Women’s Funds that has, since the 1980s, searched for new sources of financing in order to suport the women’s movements around the world.

This year, we will distribute among the groups and networks in the  Spanish state, Latin America, and the Caribbean the 20,000 euros that we were able to raise in 2013 along with the sum of the donations that we are able to raise through this campaign.  Will you help us to keep raising funds for the women’s movement?

Support and sustain the feminist fight by donating to the groups that keep it going everyday!